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Star Wars Turkey Avant Garde is an organization established to gather the pages/groups/channels/individuals producing content related to Star Wars under the name of Avant Garde and aim to develop the Turkish Star Wars community with an internal support mentality.


Mission of Star Wars Turkey Avant Garde; To support Star Wars content producers who are not where they should be, who deserve it, who can come to very good places with support, who do their job properly, and to develop the Turkish Star Wars community by making it easier for them to reach their goals. In addition, individuals who try to gain unfair success (advertising against the rules on Discord servers, stealing text / visual / information etc. content, stealing posts) will be added to a black list and no Avant Garde will help them in any way.


Every member of Star Wars Turkey Avant Garde is known as "Avant Garde". It is the responsibility of each member to help the other member who indicates they need help. Thus, he can ask for help from any member even if he needs it. Topics to be asked for help; design, cosplay, agenda control, Discord server management, Instagram page management, community leadership and so on.

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Lego Star Wars Türkiye
Star Wars Merkezi
SWGOH Türkiye
Lego Darth Vader
Geek Alemi
Star Wars Universe
Star Wars Akademisi
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