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Sithpedi Fanon beyaz

Sithpedi Fanon is a wiki for Star Wars fan fiction, part of Star Wars Turkey - Sithpedi, one of the leading Star Wars communities in Turkey. On this wiki, fans can share the characters, ships and planets they have created, or the Star Wars stories, novels, comics, comic books, and movies they have written. Sithpedi Fanon brings the fans' own perspectives to the reader, as well as bringing together and supporting the people involved.

Sithpedi Fanon is a Turkish Star Wars fan fiction wiki founded on February 5, 2020 by Quentum and brought to life by East6, Moingx, Efe Önem and Aldetta. With its own set of policies, Sithpedi Fanon offers writers an infinitely vast galaxy in which to stretch their imaginations and invites everyone to create their own fiction.

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