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Sithpedi is the knowledge base part of Star Wars Turkey - Sithpedi, one of the leading Star Wars communities in Turkey. In addition to its Discord and Instagram branches, it serves as Turkey's largest knowledge base with 5,260+ articles on the wiki.

Sithpedi is a knowledge base founded by Kerem12345 on February 12, 2014 and edited and brought back to life by East6 under the guidance of Quentum. When the Turkish Star Wars group Star Wars Turkey Galactic Empire changed its name and merged with Sithpedi (Star Wars Turkey - Sithpedi), Sithpedi experienced a surge in activity and saw a significant increase in the number of authors with the establishment of SWTR-S's Discord server. Moingx, one of the members who joined Sithpedi, which peaked in the number of authors during the last months of 2019 and throughout 2020, was awarded the administrator position after his tremendous contribution to the site and his rapid adaptation. Aiming to make the vast universe of Star Wars Canon and Legends stories, movies, books, games and other media available to fans easier to understand and easier to obtain information, Sithpedi takes Wookiepedia, one of the wikis on the same platform, as its source. As a fan-made encyclopedia, Sithpedi is not intended to be the primary source or to replace the Encyclopedia and Databank as the original sources. Rather, it serves as a fan-made resource to best summarize all aspects of the Star Wars universe while directing the reader to the relevant official sources.

The information you read on Sithpedi is not necessarily accurate and all authors invite readers to check the references under the heading "Notes and references" on the completed pages. If you think there is incorrect information, you can point it out on the article's talk page or edit it yourself!

Sithpedi is not affiliated with any page/group/organization that does not have "Sithpedi" in its name. While we support and promote content creators such as the 501st Legion, Rebel Legion, Star and Voice of the Galaxy, no platform under the Sithpedi name is affiliated with any of these groups.

The information herein is not official and accurate. Articles may be incomplete, inaccurate or lack up-to-date Star Wars information. This means that readers should not take our articles as the last word. While we strive to be the most accurate and largest source of Turkish Star Wars information, we cannot be as authoritative as the original sources.

Nearly every page on this site is linked to content or stories owned/licensed by Lucasfilm. The fact that we are not affiliated with Lucasfilm/Disney underscores that Sithpedi is not an official source and has no official ties to Star Wars. Sithpedi's use of "Star Wars Turkey - Sithpedi" on social media is strictly in the sense of a Turkish Star Wars community, not in the sense of Sithpedi being the Turkish branch of Star Wars. Putting "Turkey" next to a movie/game/content does not make that page/group/organization an official Turkish branch. Sithpedi tries to stay within the bounds of fair use as much as possible, and any violations of this will be reported to the administration (the easiest way is to email and the offending content will be removed from Sithpedi/licensed accordingly. Copying from, Lucasfilm-licensed publication or any other copyrighted source is prohibited on this wiki.

It is not uncommon in Wikipedia for small, unimportant pages like Denuhi-Eight and Myomaran to be deleted as fancruft. There is room for pages like these here. Any article describing a canon character, place, or element in the Star Wars galaxy can be found here as long as it follows the site's policies.

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